Secretary of Commerce Visits County


State Secretary of Commerce Sharon Decker met with local government and business officials Wednesday at Southeastern Community College in a business forum.

Decker, who has lived in Rutherford County for the last 13 years, said she understands rural communities with double-digit unemployment rates.

“This is a rural state,” Decker said, pointing out what she “saw happening and maybe what she didn’t see happening” in rural North Carolina led her to take on the task of leading the state’s commerce department earlier this year.

“The challenge we have is that we have to get back to our roots and use what we’ve got,” Decker said.

Decker placed emphasis on helping existing industries in the state to grow as well as recruiting new industry. Tax cuts enacted by the legislature for corporations will benefit the state’s economy, Decker said, and do more than special rural tax credits for job creation that were once available to counties and will expire next year.


by Nicole Cartrette, Staff Writer, The News Reporter