MaXPro to Gradually Increase Production


A window tint manufacturing firm that announced late last year it was purchasing a shell building (vacant for 12 years in Columbus County’s Southeast Regional Park) is making progress toward full production.

A recent test first production run for MaXPro “went perfectly,” according to Columbus County Economic Developer Gary Lanier.


The company has already hired about five employees and is in the process of training those and additional new hires in the coming weeks and months as additional shifts will likely be added, Lanier said.

“It’s going to be a gradual thing,” Lanier said. “I don’t think there are going to be 26 employees in a month.”

Lanier does anticipate the company adding additional employees gradually.

“When you are dealing with the kind of technology they have in place, being properly trained is important,” Lanier explained. “They have very high tech equipment in there. They already are open but it will be a very gradual ramp-up as they get employees trained.”


by Nicole Cartrette, Staff Writer, The News Reporter