MaXPro Plans for Production Start-up


A window tint manufacturing firm that announced late last year it was purchasing a shell building (vacant 12 years in Columbus County’s Southeast Regional Park) could be in full production by May.

“The feedback I am getting is that construction will be complete by the end of March,” Columbus County Economic Developer Gary Lanier said. “Their plan is to be in full production by mid-May unless something changes.”

Lanier said everything appears to be on schedule with only a few minor delays with equipment orders and such.

“It is quite an enjoyable sight to see so much construction activity going on in the Southeast Regional Park,” Lanier said.  “It is great to see the job growth that the MaXPro Construction means for Columbus County.

“In addition, the construction of a new access road (Industrial Boulevard South) to provide access to the new MaXPro plant will open up the entire southern end of the park for additional development – which is a good thing for our County also.”

In December 2012, officials with MaxPro had estimated operations might begin as early as March.

The company that is expected to create more than 20 jobs has received a warm welcome by way of incentives and tax credits.

In addition to county grants, the N.C. Rural Center approved a $312,000 building re-use and restoration grant for the project that go to more than $2.5 million in upgrades to the facility.

The extension of Industrial Boulevard, south of the Chadbourn Highway, will pave the way for more industry, officials hope.

The new road to be funded by a N.C. Department of Transportation grant will serve as an access road to the south side of the park, Lanier said.

State commerce grants in the amount of $120,000 will provide 12-inch water mains and sewer to the MaxPro building and future tenants of the south side of the park.

MaxPro will specialize in manufacturing window films for a variety of applications, including automobile window tint, energy efficient window films for office buildings, industrial uses and other such applications.

MaxPro President Joseph Cobbe, of Wilmington, a semi-retired CPA, is a founder of two other window film-manufacturing companies.


By NICOLE CARTRETTE, Staff Writer, The News Reporter