County Looking to Lure Firms with Certification, Agriculture


Columbus County ranks in the top 20 of counties in North Carolina for total cash receipts from farm income.

Nearly $166 million in cash receipts from farm income flowed into the county in 2011 (ranked 15th in farm income that year), according to the state’s 2012 Agricultural Statistics Book.

Agriculture has long been an area where the county ranks at the top in production, and county officials are hopeful in the future that food manufacturing within the county can share the same kind of status.

County officials are hopeful the recent food certification of the Southeast Regional Industrial Park will open the doors for more food manufacturing growth in the county.

Columbus County Economic Developer Gary Lanier said the recent food certification by the Atlanta-based Primus Garner makes the site the only one in North Carolina with such a designation.

“We now have a food certified park,” Lanier said.


By Nicole Cartrette, Staff Writer for The News Reporter