Columbus County's Industrial Park Named Certified Food Site


There is plenty of land ready for companies to build on in Columbus County, but county leaders believe they have a unique advantage now at the Southeast Regional Industrial Park to help bring in new jobs.

The county's industrial park was recently named a certified food site. According to Economic Director Gary Lanier, Columbus County is the only county he knows of with that type of certification.

Research was done to make sure the county had a good workforce, water supply, sewer, and a good source of raw materials before the park received the certification. Lanier said this means the county can support a food processing plant.

According to Lanier, county officials are trying to take advantage of the farming community. By being a certified food site, companies will consider Columbus County before looking at other counties.
"We've got a great training program through our Career and College Academy in the food processing and culinary arts curriculum," said Lanier. "We've got great support from Southeastern Community College, less than a mile away from the park. When you add to all of that, that we're a certified food park, it makes our industrial park have just a little more of an edge."
County commissioners spent $25,000 to have the industrial park certified as a food site.
Lanier says, Primus Builders and Garner Economics, who they received the certification from, will help them come up with a virtual plan and recruit businesses to the county.
By Gavin Johnson, WECT News