Interstates and Highways

Columbus County’s network of roads enables businesses to easily reach consumers, and employees to easily reach their employers.  In fact, in our uncongested community, employees can easily travel longer distances much more quickly than their urban counterparts.  This free flowing system results in a labor draw area that easily reaches 30 miles and in many cases, much further.


Future I-74
Us Hwy 74/76, which bisects Columbus County from east to west, is in the process of being upgraded to Interstate 74.  This will result in non-stop travel to the Port City of Wilmington to the east and to Interstate 95 (and beyond) to the west.

Federal and State Highways
In addition to US 74/76 (Future I-74), the following roads assist motorists when traveling in and through our county:

  • US 701

  • NC  Highways 130, 131, 211, 214, 242, 410, 905, 904